Click on our short video below about becoming a member.


It is easy to join!  By doing so, you become part of a fellowship of ladies committed to the health and welfare of children and their families worldwide.  Along with our dedication to the care of children in need, we develop lifelong friendships with ladies across the globe.


Ladies who would like to join LOSNA will need to meet the following 3 criteria:

        1.  at least 18 years of age

        2.  resident for at least six (6) months in the area which membership is


        3.  have one of the following affiliations

                a.  Related to by birth, marriage or adoption to a Master Mason or a

                       Noble of Shriners International, in good standing.  If relative is

                       deceased, he must have been in good standing at time of death; or

                b.  Be sponsored by two (2) members in good standing of the Ladies'

                    Oriental Shrine of North America.

We've got room for everyone to join.  There is a need for your knowledge, talent and time.  No matter what you can do, we have a way to turn it into meaningful contributions for our cause.  One person CAN make a difference in the life of a family in need.


There’s a couple of quick steps you’ll need to take.  Nothing too complicated and we will help you through every step!

  • Complete an application (petition) for membership.  You can get one from any member of our
  •  organization.  If you don’t know anyone yet, that’s OK!  Use the below “I WANT MORE INFO” button and send us an email.  We’ll find you someone locally to help get you started.
  • Your petition must be accompanied by the application fee required by the Court. Your local mentor will let you know how much this nominal fee is.     
  • Your completed petition is then presented at the next meeting of the Court.
  • The High Priestess of the Court appoints an Interview Committee to meet with you to get to know you, provide you with information about the organization and answer any questions you may have.  Don’t be worried – it’s not a job interview!  Ask us about things like dues costs, what's expected of our members, or how you may be able to contribute.  Anything you want to know.
  • Your Interview Committee reports back at the next meeting of the Court.
  • Petitioners who are found favorable are balloted upon by the membership of the Court and notified of date, time and location of your initiation ceremony.

Before you know it - you, too, will be a Lady of LOSNA, sharing in the fun an rewarding work!  The process can take a little bit of time. Our meetings are held only once a month and we need a minimum of 2 meetings to complete the application process.  We will do everything in our control to keep the process as speedy as possible.  We can't wait to have you on our team!

Click on the Sign me up button Below to send an email to administrator.  Place "LOSNA" IN SUBJECT LINE. Provide contact information and your home state

Formation of a New Court

Interested in becoming a member of the Ladies' Oriental Shrine of North America (LOSNA)? No "Court" (group) in your area? Take the first steps toward forming a new "Court".

All you will need to begin is seven or more ladies over the age of eighteen (18) who wish to join an organization which has helped change the lives of children in need for over 100 years!  Scroll back up to see our Membership Requirements. Our philanthropy not only supports the Shriners' Hospitals for Children; but allows for local community-based charity assistance too!

So. please consider a "start-up" group in your area and become a part of our next 100 years!


For further information, please provide the contact information below and send to and a member of LOSNA will contact you.

Your name:

Email or phone number:

Area of interest: City, State/Province? Country